Period & Love PainsAugust 5, 2015

This is day one of my Singapore trip! My videos will be vlogs for the next two weeks! Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you want to see!


The Truth About My Life.. Over PhoJuly 31, 2015

Having lunch together and talking about life is one of my favourite things to do with someone. I did it a lot in LA, so I figured I should do it on my channel too. I love you guys so much and am happy to share. Beware, it’s a personal one and heavy at times.

Love & Light,

My dog is more confident than me.July 17, 2015

A tribute to my pal who has both saved my life and pissed on my work clothes.

Being A Hairy GirlJune 28, 2015


A little video about my experience as a hairy girl, and a grim ingrown hair removal. This thumbnail is shopped by the way, I don’t think I could let my own armpit hair get to that level. But I respect women who can! Your body, your choice :).

Laser Hair Removal Review: My first appointment for laser hair removal was a great experience. (more…)

Going FastingJune 21, 2015


This year I will be fasting during the month of Ramadan and I made a video highlighting some of the reasons why I am doing it. Here, I will discuss some of the methods I’m using. (more…)

Bright Teeth & Fresh Breath! Oral Care RoutineJune 16, 2015


Help us get $10k to Metavivor:

This is my oral care routine! What works for me works for me, but may not work for you. Always consult a professional and see a dentist regularly. (more…)

How To Be A Morning PersonJune 8, 2015


Little things I’ve been doing to get back into being a morning person!

The Morning That Was Blue [Poem]May 7, 2015

Join me in donating to mental health research:

I decided to share a different, more vulnerable side of myself today. I dream of living in a world where mental health is easier to talk about. This video is a spoken word poem dedicated to our friends who have struggled with depression, and my sister whom we lost to depression. I wrote it on a December morning and finished it the same day with a different perspective. It’s about giving life a chance and that even the saddest moments will pass.

The morning was blue.
Maybe it was the room.
A will to resume overcome by what looms.
A feeling.
It’s no use, the sun knows we’re fading.
And trading pain for distraction.
A bail out.

But beneath the cancerous commerce lives the unfelt,
the un-dealt with speculation: that my vessel is a flawed innovation;
that frightened children may have found a moment’s passion
and left us with moods as fickle as fashion.
These tangled wires clash and blur the line
between my mind and fine,
So unless we redefine unrefined, life will continue in kind
as long as my time in this queue to resign.

Then, as my life hangs it’s warped canvas
on a world of new advancements
awakened in me: the chance it’s… just us.

A planet that’s born afraid. Sold lemonade,
and not shown how it’s made.
Crawling wave after wave, and gasping “be brave!”
If they saw us all frayed, with pounding hearts swaying to the drum of the wave.
If they saw it this way, maybe the brave would have stayed.

The morning was blue, but I heard it can change
We’re only human, after all—manmade.
Moulding and shaping a future to paint
Imagine what shades we could see if we wait.

This morning was blue, but the afternoon was purple.
A shade I have never seen.
made me not want to blink, and I think you’d like it more.
The lore was true, it does get brighter than the morning that was blue.

Sheet Mask, Yacht Party & 3am Dessert Vlog!April 30, 2015

Sometimes my regular uploads take a long time (I try to give you guys my best), but I really want us to see more of each other, so vlogs are coming!

I’ve been dabbling in Korean skincare, and trying products I’ve never heard of like sheet masks and essence. I showed the sheet mask in the video (which is SO amazing) and I will show the rest in upcoming videos once I’m sure they’re worth the hype!
Cremalab Herb Tea Mask:

I had my morning shake which is the Dr.Gaye Super Shake. I’ve mentioned this shake in videos before, they’re not sponsoring me but they’re great people who actually care about ingredients and sustainability. I feel like most shakes out there are just trying to cash in on a trend, so these guys are my go-to if I want to buy my morning shake. It makes me feel so good and wakes me up (thanks to the cacao and maca powder).
Dr. Gaye Super Shake:

I went out and bought a Victoria’s Secret bra, a new variety that has a very soft, gel-like substance in the cup. It’s not super padded, but it does add a little oomph. I bought it because during certain parts of the month I get really sensitive and some bras can irritate me, so I got the softest thing I could find :P.

I got home and made veggies for the boys. Their sides were sautéed button and king oyster mushrooms, cooked in a bit of olive oil with added liquid tamari, green onion, cracked black pepper and toasted sesame oil. As well as caprese salads made with  tomatoes, bocconcini, basil, quality olive oil, salt, pepper, and balsamic reduction.

Dessert was made as follows: Mango Coconut Chia Parfait:
1. Preheat oven at 350 degrees
2. Pour coconut milk (or yogurt) and almond milk in a glass, I do a 50/50 ratio
3. Sweeten with a bit of maple syrup, I like to add a dash of vanilla extract and sometimes 1/8 tsp of salt
4. Add a heaping tablespoon or two of chia seeds to the glass, stir
5. Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes. You can do it overnight as well!
6. Toast slivered almonds for 6-8 minutes
7. Put toasted almonds, mangos and strawberries on top of the chia pudding and enjoy!

I also had soup dumplings, Asian herbal soup, Korean rice wine and a cappucino throughout the day, and little things like homemade biscuits and granola bars!

Hope you enjoyed this vlog guys! Much love to you!

Being yourself is embarrassing… at firstApril 25, 2015


Being honest and going “all in” is scary. You’re opening your true (and often vulnerable) self up to all sorts of reactions. But it’s a great way to flesh yourself out as a person and make a real connection. In order to speak well, do spoken word poetry well, or even get to know yourself, you’ve got to be present and know it will be awkward and unrefined at first, but that’s okay. If you want to get good at anything, you’ve got to do it a lot. Sometimes people ask me how I am confident, and I’m definitely a work in progress but I’d say this is my answer.

One time I asked my brother how he is such an incredible writer, and he said, “You’re going to suck for a LONG time”. It’s embarrassing to put a pen to paper and not know how to articulate your emotions at first, but you’ve got to take yourself seriously, try and keep trying.

P.S. I was actually trying so hard to sing in the video hahaha. Terry and I were crying during this edit. I’ve been singing for a month. It’s one of the most freeing things I’ve been privileged to suck at. Everyone should try karaoke at least once.

Love & Light,