Period & Love PainsAugust 5, 2015

This is day one of my Singapore trip! My videos will be vlogs for the next two weeks! Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you want to see!


The Truth About My Life.. Over PhoJuly 31, 2015

Having lunch together and talking about life is one of my favourite things to do with someone. I did it a lot in LA, so I figured I should do it on my channel too. I love you guys so much and am happy to share. Beware, it’s a personal one and heavy at times.

Love & Light,

Sheet Mask, Yacht Party & 3am Dessert Vlog!April 30, 2015

Sometimes my regular uploads take a long time (I try to give you guys my best), but I really want us to see more of each other, so vlogs are coming!

I’ve been dabbling in Korean skincare, and trying products I’ve never heard of like sheet masks and essence. I showed the sheet mask in the video (which is SO amazing) and I will show the rest in upcoming videos once I’m sure they’re worth the hype!
Cremalab Herb Tea Mask:

I had my morning shake which is the Dr.Gaye Super Shake. I’ve mentioned this shake in videos before, they’re not sponsoring me but they’re great people who actually care about ingredients and sustainability. I feel like most shakes out there are just trying to cash in on a trend, so these guys are my go-to if I want to buy my morning shake. It makes me feel so good and wakes me up (thanks to the cacao and maca powder).
Dr. Gaye Super Shake:

I went out and bought a Victoria’s Secret bra, a new variety that has a very soft, gel-like substance in the cup. It’s not super padded, but it does add a little oomph. I bought it because during certain parts of the month I get really sensitive and some bras can irritate me, so I got the softest thing I could find :P.

I got home and made veggies for the boys. Their sides were sautéed button and king oyster mushrooms, cooked in a bit of olive oil with added liquid tamari, green onion, cracked black pepper and toasted sesame oil. As well as caprese salads made with  tomatoes, bocconcini, basil, quality olive oil, salt, pepper, and balsamic reduction.

Dessert was made as follows: Mango Coconut Chia Parfait:
1. Preheat oven at 350 degrees
2. Pour coconut milk (or yogurt) and almond milk in a glass, I do a 50/50 ratio
3. Sweeten with a bit of maple syrup, I like to add a dash of vanilla extract and sometimes 1/8 tsp of salt
4. Add a heaping tablespoon or two of chia seeds to the glass, stir
5. Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes. You can do it overnight as well!
6. Toast slivered almonds for 6-8 minutes
7. Put toasted almonds, mangos and strawberries on top of the chia pudding and enjoy!

I also had soup dumplings, Asian herbal soup, Korean rice wine and a cappucino throughout the day, and little things like homemade biscuits and granola bars!

Hope you enjoyed this vlog guys! Much love to you!

How to Achieve Fitness GoalsMarch 27, 2015


This is my guide to achieving fitness goals, these tips have been game-changers for me, so hopefully they help you as well if you’re in a similar boat!  (more…)

Simple Night RoutineMarch 20, 2015

Many moons have passed since my last night routine, and it’s a lot more simplified now. I enjoy watching/making these and I hope you enjoy this video!

A Juicy Beauty TipMarch 3, 2015

JuiceBeauty-THUMBlinkThought I’d share an everyday tip that I took for granted but has been a great adjustment for me in terms of skin clarity and how I feel! A juicy tip from a former juice addict 😛

I used to be one of those people who was always drinking juice because it’s more interesting than water (blue Kool-Aid was my jam). Preferring blended juices to sugar water has been a great change for me since I don’t need the excess sugar in my diet. Hopefully this will help some of you guys out as well! I personally don’t think you should drink more sugar than you could eat in its whole food form, and blending my juices has helped me not over-consume sugar. (more…)

My Diet Overhaul Results & ShamingJanuary 26, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 3.31.35 PM
It has been 8 months since I posted about completely changing my diet in order to follow a principle of harm reduction, and you’re due for an honest update. First off, outside of sharing recipes I love, I’ve grown tired of talking nutrition. I learn so much and change at such a rapid rate that it’s best to leave it to the experts to make definitive claims. The Internet has become a sad place where facts go to die, and I don’t want to unknowingly perpetuate that in any way. So if you want to know something, look to PhD’s in Nutritional Sciences, peer-reviewed academic journals, and legit scientists. Don’t go to dogmatic websites that base nothing on scientific facts, and instead just shame and pass moral judgments on people who disagree. Do what you want to make the world a better place, just don’t be an ass about it. If everyone knew just how much of our comfort was built on suffering and exploitation, I think we’d act a lot less self-righteous for making trendy little changes while fully enjoying everything else. The best we can do is create our own priorities, live as an example and share with those who want to listen.


Onto my diet, I still eat vegetarian meals regularly, I’m still picky about where my food comes from, and harm reduction is still important to me. However, I developed an iron deficiency and constantly felt like I was going to faint, especially on my period. I also lost way too much weight because food became less appealing to me. I don’t like eating loads of fruit, grains and legumes for a variety of personal reasons, and my other options got old fast. So I lived a life of deprivation in order to support a cause. I then went on a vacation in the Middle East to see my parents, who were very disappointed at how dogmatic I had become. They told me that harm-reduction is obviously good, but I was disregarding balance and moderation, and it showed because I looked a malnourished skeleton. That trip really brought me back down to Earth. I learned so much about a different culture, and my personal biases melted away along with my need to deprive myself in order to be okay with who I am. I don’t have to live in extremes. I can compromise. Every day habit becomes much sweeter with variety in my life.


I don’t eat “clean” anymore, that word is starting to make me cringe. I used to be such a “bro”, it’s the worst. I eat a balance of all foods (specific to my personal needs) and indulge when I want. Some people call it flexible dieting, I call it who gives a shit. I don’t have cheat days because I don’t feel deprived. I don’t get upset if a menu doesn’t cater to my demands. I’m so done with being high-maintenance when it comes to what I eat. Food is beautiful, and one of the greatest joys in my life is experiencing the cuisine of different cultures. I’m so thankful that I didn’t stick up my nose for the entire Middle East trip, I’m glad I sat on the floor in an historic restaurant in the heart of the city and ate the traditional food with my hands. I like having a healthy relationship with food. This is what works for me, do what works for you and call it a preference. Don’t join the hordes of people who define themselves by what they eat and shame everyone else, as if that’s a good way to educate and create a better world. I’m sorry if I sound jaded, I’m just tired of seeing the anti-intellectual climate of nutrition on the web. On a lighter note, I’m so happy that I don’t fear being wrong. I’m happy to live with an open mind and constantly change. I’m off to eat what I want because I can. Take care of yourselves, my friends.

Love & Light,

DIY Pumpkin OatmealJanuary 22, 2015

Oatmeal is super underrated. It’s filling, cheap, super easy to make and can be fine-tuned perfectly to your preferences. It has been such a convenient go-to on meal. This is one of my favourite ways to eat oatmeal!

1 Cup Old Fashioned Rolled Oats
1-2 Tsp Apple Cider Vinegar
1 Tbsp Rye Flakes
1 Cup Water
Pinch of Salt
Directions: Add all ingredients in a pot and leave over-night covered at room temperature. You can leave it for as long as 24 hours depending on your preferences. The next day, give the oats a little rinse.

1 Cup Almond Milk
1/2 Can Pumpkin Puree
1 Cup Frozen Overripe Banana
Pumpkin Spice To Taste
Brown Sugar To Taste
Vanilla Yoghurt
Directions: Cook the soaked oats like you would quick oats. Combine ingredients over medium heat until the oatmeal reaches the desired consistency. Don’t be afraid to add or take away ingredients, nobody knows your tastes like you do. Enjoy!

Note: You can use any sweetener you like. I just prefer brown sugar because it tastes so unbelievably good with oatmeal!

Love & Light,

DIY Acai BowlJanuary 5, 2015

Acai-Thumb-LinkAcai bowls are like eating ice cream for breakfast (or in the evening in my case)! The pre-made ones can get pretty costly but they’re very easy to make if you have a solid blender and don’t mind cutting up fruit! I like to have mine with hot water and lemon because it’s very cold and I like having a warm tummy.

1 Packet Acai Puree
1 Cup Frozen Berries, I used blueberries and raspberries
1/2 Cup Frozen Ripe Banana
1 Cup Almond Milk (sometimes I use half a cup to make the puree thicker)
1/2 Tsp Maca Root Powder (optional)
1/2 Tsp Vanilla Extract (optional)

You can throw anything you want on top! I like pineapple, strawberries, papaya, passionfruit, chia seeds, hemp seeds, unsweetened flaked coconut, apple, pistachios and walnuts!

Raw cream cheese topping recipe. I use maple syrup in the place of honey/agave.

I hope you guys enjoy it if you try it! It’s a great recipe to have and it definitely kicks the sugar cravings in the butt!

Love & Light,

Playing on Trampolines! | Food, Outfit, FunDecember 3, 2014

FOF-AirPark-THUMB-linkI haven’t done a FOF in so long and I missed it! Who knew trampolines are such an intense workout?! I was completely out of breath and my flips were so rusty :P. I hadn’t been on a trampoline since Middle School and it was SO FUN! Please enjoy!

Love & Light!