Going FastingJune 21, 2015


This year I will be fasting during the month of Ramadan and I made a video highlighting some of the reasons why I am doing it. Here, I will discuss some of the methods I’m using.

Fasting hours are relatively difficult for me this year. Some places have it easier, and some places have it much worse. Remember that this is supposed to be hard but is not supposed to push you too far, if it gets dangerous, you must stop.

I wake up at 4:20am to eat and cannot eat again until 9:30pm at night. So far, thirst has been a much greater issue than hunger. I usually drink water all day, and not drinking it has been quite disorienting. I’ve made a point to get as much fluids in as possible during sundown via smoothies, shakes and plain water. I prefer warm water, especially in the morning, because it requires energy for the body to heat cold water up and if I want to get more sleep after my first meal at 4:30am, I don’t rest as well if I drink cold fluids. Day 1 was extremely hard, but as I learn and adapt, it has been getting a lot easier. I have been drinking a lot of Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Green Smoothie as well as the Dr. Gaye Super Shake with a banana.

Eating and drinking is hard enough at 4:30 in the morning, so I’ve been pre-preparing a lot of meals and broths just to ensure that I can do the least amount of work possible when I wake up. I throw on a show, sit down, and slowly eat and drink as much as possible without forcing it. My morning meals have been less about flavour and more about nutrition because I don’t really care what I’m eating that early in the morning. Nighttime is a different story, I will break fast with an odd number of dates that my Mom sent me from the Middle East, which are absolutely delicious and are an explosion of satiation for my mouth and stomach. I then eat whatever I’m in the mood for as long as it’s relatively healthy.  On top of avoiding bad habits (like gossip, complaining, getting upset over trivial things and feeling entitled), I’m also trying to avoid bad foods.

I do not allow myself to binge, which hasn’t been difficult because I can’t eat ridiculous amounts of food after I’ve been fasting all day. So far, fasting has really given me a different view on the kinds of foods I eat and the amount my body needs to function properly. I’ve become more observant when I leave the house, and more mindful of the portion sizes I see. Since I started fasting, I’ve realized how gluttonous and accustomed to constant satisfaction I can be. While it’s great to enjoy life, not every action should aim to hit my pleasure centre in such a hedonistic way.

I will update you guys at the end and let you know how my personal experience was and what I learned. Thank you for respecting my decision and being open-minded. It seemed crazy at first to me as well, but it’s starting to really make sense in so many ways. Experience is a great teacher.

Love & Light,